An increasing number of people with higher levels of education are changing their activity to agriculture without any previous knowledge in this technical area, this has mostly been observed in countries which have been experiencing significant economic difficulties, such as Portugal. Furthermore, in Portugal, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, there are 200 new farmers appearing in the system each month and he confirms that most of these new recruits do not have any agricultural training or education. Thus, it is urgent to educate them in order to improve their agricultural skills and to facilitate their performance and innovation capacity, so that they can contribute to the European (EC) rural development strategy. EC policy encourages the development of sustainable agricultural systems, such as ecological farming.
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Ecological farming enables farmers to produce enough food to feed themselves and for selling at the market. This form of agriculture fosters a future of healthy farming, healthy food and furthermore helps to mitigate climate change.

Providing learning opportunities on ecological farming via a mobile system will help support and improve agriculture on a global context and will create new labour and economic opportunities for a new educational target group – ie. recent graduates who have no formal education in agriculture, but who wish to start an activity in agriculture and achieve economic success using ecological farming methods.

The main focus of the project is enhancing the quality and performance of VET (explain VET)systems, improve information and guidance systems and strengthen the European dimension in ecological farming.

Since the project will promote creativity and innovation in ecological farming, through relevant and innovative mobile-learning contents, it will aim to improve the students’ employability and enhance their ability to work in this area. This, in turn, may result in an increased number of individuals working in the area of ecological farming which is in keeping with EC targets on ecological farming.

ECONewFARMERS project includes 7 partners from 7 European countries: Portugal, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Slovakia and United Kingdom and emerged from other LLP. Some of these institutions have a wide range of  experience  in transfer of innovation and LLP. The group can make significant contributions to VET systems in ecological farming, as there already exists an excellent open, collaborative and supportive working environment amongst partners.

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The project products are based on research methodology, reporting, collection of data, creation of training, analyzing and validation of results, and dissemination. Through this project, the latest methods and improvements in ecological faming are offered to new farmers in order to smooth their transition into this sector easy and to improve their technical skills, by means of m-learning technologies. Systematic dissemination and exploitation of results will be addressed. The project contributes VET training and future use of knowledge, skills and qualifications, and facilitates personal development, through adapted m-learning tools that are suitable for use across Europe.