The two main objectives of the project are:

Improve quality of continuing vocational training and facilitate the access, in order to promote and reinforce the contribution of vocational training to the process of innovation.

Bring forth skills and competencies for people that are, or intend to be, new farmers, mainly ecological farmers, and who don’t have previous experience and knowledge in agriculture.

The main focus of the project is on enhancing the quality and performance of VET systems, improving information and guidance systems and strengthening the European dimension in ecological agriculture management, consider the profile of the possible applied students and the closeness to them. Since the project will promote creativity and innovation in the topic, it will improve the students’employability  and increase their  abilities in this field  which may result  in a rapidly changing management quality in the organic agriculture sector, which in turn may bring socio-economic benefits. Furthermore, ecological farming systems offer potential benefits to human health through reducing farmers’ exposure to pesticides, and are environment friendly.

The project will also develop user-friendly vocational training tools, with relevant and innovative learning content – m-learning – in the field of ecological farming which will be based upon its main principles determined for EC.