The activities initiated and developed under the ECONewFARMERS frame, were the:

• Initial conference, where partners and public were familiarized with the project aims and expected results and a discussion was promoted about existing training systems in ecological (organic) farming taking into account the target group and context – young unemployed people without any knowledge in agriculture with at least secondary school or with an academic degree in other scientific area

• Establishment of a framework of the target group technical and practical needs, by means of a questionnaire applied in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, United Kingdom and Turkey

• Innovative training and professional practices in organic farming were collected, organized in a database and selected for the new contexts and the specific target group

• m-learning modules were adapted to be tested at a (small scale) field trial: Introduction to biological control and Pest and diseases of tomato. These tests include tools to evaluate learners and trainers’ feedback, as well as a list of skills to be achieved. A list of procedures for the training role is under discussion

• Develop an m-learning course curriculum based on existing innovative learning practices and on partners’ expertise and training experience

• Dissemination of the project included the first four issues of the newsletter, the participation in several technical and training meetings and publication of texts and notices in technical and general public journals

In the second year of the project, the activities will ensure the creation a m-learning platform with innovative vocational education tools in organic farming, allowing training at work place. These future activities include:
• a database and package of innovative training in organic farming available through the website and training platform

• field trials to test m-learning modules in the new context

• a m-learning course available through ECONewFARMERS website

• a competition among regional IT students to develop m-learning formats

• an e-book of good ecological farming practices

• a proposal to LLP and the EU authorities for the certification of the m-learning qualification

• a database of institutions and trainers focused in organic farming

• a final conference, of two public days organized between Portugal and Spain for presenting ECOnewFARMERS results to key stakeholders in organic farming.