Biocert Association, as member of IN.N.E.R.-International Network of Eco-Regions (, will disseminate the Eco New Farmers project’s activities in the KIP Pavilion Expo 2015 named “Attractive territories for a sustainable world”. The Pavilion covers 2.717 square meters with a covered space of 1.500 square meters; its design evokes the idea of a World Village. Four elegant but simple buildings, inspired by antique rural villages, look out over a central square, the starting point for several pathways of expositions and meetings for its visitors.

It is a reminder that rural villages are repositories of the natural and historical resources of a territory, with its local productive and food resources. The long access path from the Decumano accompanies the visitor through cultivated fields and the United Nations Garden, with its information panels on the future of food. All the materials used are natural and sustainable with a view to traditional rural constructions.

Beyond spaces for meetings, expositions and events, there will be a 250-seat theatre, that can be divided into smaller rooms as needed, an area restaurant and bar with seating for a minimum of 100 people, an installation for lives cooking demonstrations and cooking lessons, an open square connecting the four buildings and an outdoor space for exhibitions, cinema, concerts, parties and other events.

The Eco New Farmers dissemination will be structured as following:

• participation at the exhibition in the A Pavilion from 25 until 31 of May and from 14 until 20 of September; the A Pavilion, of 85 square meters, is at the entrance as the introductory space of the KIP School’s site.

• participation at the International conference to be held in the theatre space on date 19 of September in collaboration with the KIP School estimates to invite the representatives from at least 20 countries. Representatives from the EU Commission and from the UN Organisations will also be participating (UNESCO, UNEP, UNDP, World Bank, etc.).

• participation at the workshop of the European Bio districts (on date 30 of May at the multifunctional space 2nd floor) with the IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement) participation and that of other International organisations active on European Innovation Partnership (EIP).

For information: Salvatore Basile (Biocert Association), e-mail:

Biocert Association, as member EURORESO – International Association (, will disseminate the Eco New Farmers project’s activities during the:

27-28 FEBRUARY 2015

Venue: “Best Western Hotel Fenix” (
Glyfada, Greece

“EURORESO” is an International Network..
The main objectives of this non profit association are:
1. To establish a network of natural and corporate bodies which were legally constituted according to the laws and customs of their country of origin to develop a strategy which simultaneously facilitates economic development and the improvement of the standard of living, and scientific resources of the population concerned in the different European Countries.
2. To establish or receive and develop programmes which facilitate access to work, social integration and the establishment and development of private or public companies.
3. To obtain the funds necessary to implement the projects, programmes and measures supported by the network; to take all necessary steps with the authorities and in particular with the European Union in order to achieve these objectives.
4. To exchange methodologies and techniques and, if necessary, produce those in co-operation
5. To centralise this information on the Labour Market, to analyse and treat it, and to adjust it with the information on the production of goods and services managed by financial investments.
6. To propagate projects, programmes and results of action taken.